Deep Cleaning

Midland Cleaners Birmingham

At Midland Cleaners Birmingham we providing an intense deep cleaning service thought out the Birmingham and West Midlands area. We call it a deep cleaning service, but can also be referred to as a social service clean. This is one of the most in depth cleaning service we can offer.

This cleaning service offered is usually tailored for the most vulnerable people in our society.

When we initially visit a property it is usually in such a very bad condition, that bad it would be uninhabitable. At midland cleaners we are on most occasions contacted by a concerned friend, concerned family member or even social services themselves. If you somebody that will require our services please contact us. This style of cleaning service we are unable to provide a quote over the phone as they do vary drastically. We will need to see the property to give a quotation

“Deep cleaning service Birmingham“

From hoarders, to squat dens, we have specially trained cleaners, that are well experienced when working in these extreme conditions. At Midland Cleaners we provide all our own products and equipment needed to fore fill the cleaning task ahead


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