carpet cleaning

Midland Cleaners Birmingham

We provide carpet and upholstery cleaning

If you take out a carpet clean with another service we are able to provide carpet cleaning at a massively discounted price

We use a Numatic NHL-15 carpet cleaner. It is a wet extraction carpet cleaner. This carpet cleaner leaves your carpet touch wet for approximately 3 - 5 hours depending on the environment.

“Carpet cleaning“

We do ask if you can empty the room as much as possible. We understand that some people might find this a little difficult so we should be able to assist. Most rooms will not need the complete carpet cleaning, as the carpets only get dirty on the high traffic area's. For example most occasions under beds will not require cleaning as no one has walked there.

When it comes to carpet cleaning we cannot guarantee we can remove every single stain or mark. Some foods do not come out, some makeups, pens etc... But we can guarantee that your carpet will be clean and fresh.


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